High school students sit examinations on a trimester basis. The Irish Department of Education and Science has accredited ISM as a Centre for the Irish Leaving Certificate examinations. Therefore, our grade 12 students who successfully sit these exams are issued with an Irish Leaving Certificate from the government of Ireland.

ISM is also an accredited examination center for British Exams. Our students may also choose to sit for O level, A level and GCSE Exams.

What is the Irish Leaving Certificate?

The leaving certificate examinations, commonly referred to as the Leaving Cert or ILC’s, is the final examination in the Irish secondary school system . It takes a minimum of two years preparation, Grades 11 and 12. Grade 10 is a transition year. These are collectively referred to as “The Senior Cycle.”

ISM School only offers the "Established Leaving Certificate". It does not offer the "Leaving Certificate Vocation Program" or "Leaving Certificate Applied". The Established Leaving Certificate is for students hoping to go on to University.

All Students must take English, Math, Arabic/French and three to four other subjects. The ILC requires all students to take and pass 6 exams to earn a leaving certificate. These exams can be taken at Higher or Ordinary Level. Each subject's exam usually lasts one entire day (broken into three hour periods). The harder the exam, the higher the number of points that can be earned. The exams are tough. There will be no multiple choice questions. All exams are essay, diagrams of scientific processes with all steps labeled and explained or multi-step computational problems, with all steps needing to be shown.

Where do the Exams come from?

All exams come to Libya via a confidential route. Two examiners are hired by the Irish State Examinations Commission. They are sent to supervise the students writing exams. They also organize for the written exams to be returned to Ireland for marking. Please note: Students have had to travel to Malta or Ireland for the last 2 years due to the unrest within the country. The ILC marks will be issued by the Irish State Examinations Commission, usually in late August.

Mock Exams

Why are they written?

  1. These exams give the students the experience of writing the same type of exam, under the same circumstances, as the Irish Leaving Certificate Exams (ILC).
  2. The results are used for the grade 12 students’ third term marks, on their report cards.
  3. The school issues a Grade 12 Mock certificate which is used by some students to enter university (depending on subjects taken, and grade achieved of course).

Where do the exams come from?

The Examining Board in Ireland supplies the exams, and the marking schemes for these exams. So they are marked to the standard of the ILC Exams. The exams are changed yearly, to incorporate changes in style, syllabi, and design of the papers. This ensures that the languages, style and layout of all papers, match those of the Irish State Examination Commission.