Exam Schedule

All Student and Parents - Please Read

  1. All students must remain in the exam hall a minimum of half the exam time (or until 1:00).
  2. All students should be aware that if you miss an exam, there will be no re-sit exams (even due to illness). Parents should be aware that if a student misses an exam, they must bring in a doctor's certificate. The student will be given an average for the year.
  3. Students who are caught cheating will be given zero for the exam and may be expelled.
  4. High school students are not allowed at the shop during elementary recess.
  5. Students caught causing problems, making a lot of noise, or having water fights, must bring their parents to the office before they will be allowed to take any further exams.
  6. All students must sit in assigned seats.
  7. All students must leave the school grounds when they have finished the exams. Failure to do so may result in a percentage loss in exam results.
  8. Students on academic probation or detention must go to the academic probation room between exams.
  9. Students and parents: Take care of your textbooks. Many of them you can use again next year.
  10. Grade 10's: Make sure you keep your notebooks to study for ILCs in Grade 12.
  11. Computer 7 to 11: Check with your teacher.
  12. Art 7 to 9: Projects, no exams
  13. Economics 10 & 11: Projects, no exam this term
  14. Physics 7 to 9: Exam done