Elementary School Calendar 2016/2017

Date Event
Sep 01 Thu Parents email pre-K names, date-of-birth and passport copy to ismschools1@gmail.com
Sep 01 Thu Teachers report to work 9:00am
Sep 05 Mon and Sep 08 Thu Entrance Tests and Classroom prep
Sep 06 Tue Pre-K parents collect application forms. Gr 1-6 resit exams 9:30am to 12:00pm
Sep 08 Thu Make class list for Pre-K (only complete forms stamped paid will be added to list)
Sep 11 Fri to Sep 15 Tue Eid Al Adha
Sep 18 Sun Start Pre-K and KG classes 8:00am
Sep 19 Mon to Sep 21 Wed Entrance Tests Elementary
Sep 25 Sun School opens 8:00am (Gr. 1 to 6) -- Go to assigned classrooms
Oct 2 Sun to Oct 3 Mon Islamic New Year
Oct 23 Sun Liberation Day (Public Holiday 1 day only)
Oct 27 Thu Elementary Sports Day
Nov 13 Sun to Nov 30 Wed Elementary First Term Exams
Nov 20 Sun No School (study day, teachers in school)
Dec 1 Thu Rest Day (no school, teachers marking day)
Dec 4 Sun Start second term
Dec 11 Sun Prophets Birthday (public holiday, no school)
Dec 20 Tue Report cards home 2:30pm (only for students that have paid)
Dec 21 Wed Parent-Teacher interviews (parents go to teachers' classrooms at appointed times, no students at school)
Dec 22 Thu to Jan 7 Sat Winter break
Jan 9 Mon School re-opens 8:00am
Feb 7 Tue to Feb 9 Thu Science Fair
Feb 8 Wed Science Fair judging
Feb 9 Thu Science Fair open to parents 9:30am to 2:00pm
Feb 12 Sun to Mar 1 Wed Elementary Exams
Feb 19 Sun Study day (students stay home, teachers in school)
Mar 2 Thu Rest Day (students stay home, marking day for teachers)
Mar 5 Sun Start Third Term
Mar 13 Mon to Mar 23 Sun Spring Break (no school)
Mar 26 Sun School resumes 8:00am
Apr 16 Sun to Apr 17 Mon No school
Apr 18 Tue School resumes 8:00am
May 1 Mon Labor Day (public holiday, no school)
May 14 Sun Start exams (Arabic / Art / French / PE)
May 18 Thu All classes end early today at 1:00pm. KG-B and Pre-K finish
May 21 Sun Afternoon KG moves to morning, KG-A continues
May 25 Thu End KG-A and Grades 1 to 6
Jun 04 Sun Grades 1 to 6 collect report cards from 10:00 - 12:30 from class teachers